11 Wise Realizations Your 20s Gifts You, You’ll Always Be Thankful For

These are what I’ve learned in these past few adventurous years and am still learning since its a never ending process. Realizations are no doubt beautiful as well as soul-strikers. Better late than never, but when they arrive accept them warmly and observe a part of you changing forever.

1) Time flies by quickly.

Yes it does! You are flowing relaxed and suddenly you realize that you are supposed get a job in a year you are not even ready for it. All just happens in a blink and here you are confused and scared. Facing the actual world and the competition seems tough. You start missing the days you had nothing to worry about. 20s is like a slide, just like gravity pulls you down as fast as possible, time pushes us away from teens and towards responsibilities in no time!

2) You have all of the Energy.

            20s is the phase of gearing up, pulling up our socks and all these preparatory stuff! But that’s all we have to and are supposed to do. Since we are the youth this is the only phase where we have the actual potential to go through everything life offers with utmost energy and determination. Wisdom is to make the most of your early 20s and thank yourself later sitting in your dream villa.

3) Balance is the key.

            College life it is! All about parties, night outs, drinks, weed, fun and friends. But making sure it shouldn’t over shadow our hard work, dedication, precious time as well as our parent’s hopes is our duty. An ideal youth is having a balance of all. Toiling all day hard to just party hard at night, to get amazing results as soon as possible with a unmatchable hope of success.

4) Life is too short to spend time with people with whom you don’t connect.

            You see, these are the days we grow rapidly. We achieve a permanent and concrete maturity. We grasp soon and get inspired in no time. We tend to mimic, follow and imitate what seems in trend or cool. Make sure everything that inspires you, makes you imitate as well as what you follow is productive and not an utter waste of time and energy. Especially investing time on people who do not hit your souls and mind. You just cannot afford wasting time on people who do not help you grow, with whom you cannot be self and with whom deep and meaningful conversations are not entertained. Don’t be a fool, seriously!

5) Time and Money invested in Books and Taste Buds-teasers is the best investments.

  It is rightly said,

“When you read a book, you don’t fall in love or connect to the looks of the characters or their voice, or their color and personality… You fall in love with their ideas, their thoughts, their nature and their character. Seemingly abstract beauty is what we appreciate”.

       Therefore the best way to make ourselves evolve in all dimensions is to read. Read everything. Read politics, read cultures, read history, read romances, read science, read thrillers or read what’s happening around you.

        Also EAT A LOT! Eat different every time. Experiment with your taste buds. Spoil your tongue, pamper it and let it know what all different cuisines all over the world has to offer to that tiny little pink cushion. Inspect the ingredients, eat with people you love, talk to them about it, the country/state it belongs to, the people there and their culture, appreciate and just don’t think, keep eating and stay happy!

6) Exploring and Travelling are the only activities you spend money on that makes you richer.

       Interesting isn’t it? To just visit places, meet new people, eat their food (sorry for bringing up this again), know the Mother Nature there, the history, the lifestyle and get abundance of knowledge of the little world every place has in itself. Travelling helps you in two ways

  • You get to understand yourself  better
  • You get to understand the nature and people around more better.

      It just expands your perceptions towards everything, brings you peace and develops several hidden but important skills. You get to learn a lot more about life when you travel. Travelling is an amazing teacher.

7) Disciplined now, Successful forever.

     Self discipline is an easy pavement to success. Habits developed now and character nurtured at this phase is what going to accompany you till your last breath. Building up a disciplined life might seem hard, but it definitely makes life much easier later. You basically learn to deal with shit in a better way I should say. A little bit of conviction and determination and….your well come! 🙂

8) You’ll thank yourself later for staying fit now.

     Look, I don’t mean to neglect fitness in the process of hogging food okay! Eat healthy and stay fit. People who know me personally might be saying “Look who’s talking” but never mind, I do believe in Yoga, brisk walks, Qigong and cardio! And I just don’t mean staying fit physically, but mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually. We are at the base and the base is what determines the entire enormous building. A neglected health now is a over precautionary asset in the future. Breath right, eat healthy, run, meditate and laugh a lot.

9) Your parents are wiser than you, do consider what they mean to say.

     As we grow up, we tend to take these creatures for granted. We forget that they too are growing with us, in all aspects and are getting wiser and wiser just as we are as they too have personal life experiences daily. Therefore, being opinionative, we cannot overtake them in case of being wise and mature. No doubt, the way they deal things with doesn’t match ours and they might sometimes sound childish to us, but that’s not an enough and good reason to disagree and neglect their opinions and advises. Trust me, they think from all dimensions, some dimensions we couldn’t even reach to.

10) Self-Acceptance: You win when you accept yourself as you are.

    When you reach your 20s you eventually master this, if not, NO! You’ll have to. You seize the power from people to rule your imperfections when you master self acceptance. Its the secret to feel contended and peaceful. You no longer have to bother about being judged as well as offer any explanations to people for your deeds. You learn to appreciate yourself and work on your drawbacks silently to come up as an updated version of yourself for yourself.

11) Time spent alone with self, is the time well spent.

    We learn this, when we need this the most, when we need ourselves the most. Your first best friend is your own self. The best talks you will ever have is with yourself. All you need is to trust and spent time with self alone. We need to introspect our thoughts and feelings; we need to check if they are channelized in the right direction. What do you think you should do about this situation? How was your day? Was it well spent? What do you think about yourself? What are your opinions about things happening around you? Or sometimes, just be quite. Spend a silent time with self and feel the nature around, just sit and observe, it’s the best meditation I believe.


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