The Purpose

Let’s make this stuff fun, a little interactive. To understand me better, you’ll need to understand your own self first. Let’s interrogate self. Who am I? Your brain might have subconsciously hinted you something, it might have answered, a person, a boy/girl, an individual, your name, etc. But I say, you are a son/daughter, brother/sister, a student, an employee, a citizen, a friend, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, oh God! Too many roles for a single person right? These roles are actually the characters we play in a play named as “Society”. It’s a system planned and programmed by us, for us but now acting against us. Here “Us” isn’t a group, but “we” as individuals, you and me.

Society is basically defined as a integrated group of people who seek companionship and support, living together with a purpose of benefits. Every individual is a part of this system. Unfortunately, over these many decades the core idea of “society” has taken a wrong turn in the minds of the people. Now, we are not a part of a society, but society has become a crucial part of our existence. We, our decisions, our ideas and wishes are uncontrollably influenced by the society we live in. Every action or move is determined by keeping the society in mind which has in turn abolished the individuality of people in it. We are supposed to control and mold the society but the society molds us intellectually and emotionally. Today, the societies are getting stronger but selfdom is getting crippled.

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We fail to realize that the actual potential of a person gets manipulated in the blind fanatics of society. Studying the basic human behavior, any person, when it comes to taking a decision will see the pros and cons of the situation. He will study the scope and consequences of his decision and to what extent do they suit him. If the decision fulfills his needs, the decision is absolute. But, today, instead of keeping his needs and desires at first place a person  is provoked to think of “how will the society I live in would react if I decide this?” to this his experiences and past events…his upbringing answers him all and thus the decision is taken in society’s favor. Now, we are so programmed by the practice of thinking and keeping the society first that we have not kept any ounce of personal choice and idiosyncrasy. Having a personal thought process, ideas and opinions seem to be a taboo and a risk. Even if your thoughts are universally and morally right you are made to believe that you are wrong. Your ideologies are not what your society follows and believes, hence, you are obliged to change your mind set. Your core identity isn’t accepted. To be appreciated, you ought to be a pleaser and a blind follower. Be it choosing a career, a life partner or an interest, we are trained to view situations and events through a societal prism. Just as the inverse prism merges up all the seven colors into a white light, similarly the societal prism merges up several thoughts and opinions into a single one which is again society oriented and not completely favor of that particular being.

My purpose to write all this was…

But we see, how long to blame the society? We are a part of it too. We too might be acting the same as society does it to us. So as its correctly said, “Charity begins at home”, and the change has to be brought in ourselves first. Be what you expect from our system. Initiate that change. Verify and spread your ideologies and have enough guts to face the consequences as changes aren’t smooth. Be firm on your opinions and the choices you make. Don’t judge and don’t let the one who is frivolous change you and your thoughts. Help people around to be unique and motivate their desires. Be constructive towards self and people around them widen your circumference. Stop being judgmental and appreciate people’s decision. Respect individualism and advertise the same. Be the source of strength as that will be the source of strength to you too. For the overall development of the society every individual has to grow, and growth achieved in group is way more stronger  than done alone.

Let’s work together for a better home, our society. It’s a system gifted by our ancestors, lets not make it a cage, but use it to design wings.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

-Albert Einstein


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